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Never wear the same thing twice

Enjoy an endless variety of clothes and accessories. Rent them out for a fraction of the retail price. Return them when you're finished and enjoy a mess-free closet. 

Make profit from your unused clothes

Let your clothes work for you. Rent out the items you don't currently use and enjoy an easy, passive income. 

Sharing is caring 

By sharing our items we prevent mass production of unnecessary items, thus reducing pollution and trash that are ruining our beautiful planet. 

All you need to know

Where can I see the items?

While our platform is being developed, you can follow us and see our inventory on our Instagram page:

How do I get the item?

We deliver it to you! we want you to have the easiest shopping experience, and let you enjoy a fun, guilt free shopping experience with our service. Just give us an address and we'll bring it right to you! 

How does payment work?

Payment is due when you recieve the item. We accept payment in cash and in payment apps sch as Paybox or Bit. 

Do I have to get the item dry cleaned before I return it?

Nope(: we take care of everything for you. 

What if I stain or damage my rental?

We know you didn't mean to. You will be charged up to 50 NIS for repairs, we will do our best to fix the garment. Unfortunately, in cases we can't save the item you will be charged it's the relative retail price. You will be informed about this price when you receive the item so you will know it in advance. In any case, we will always work so you'll pay as little as possible. 

What happens if I don’t like the way the item looks on me?

No problem! Just let us know in the following 24 hours from receiving the item and we'll come to pick it up. You will be refunded for 70% of the rental price.